Our passion is promoting the use of bicycles for everyday journeys and adventures.

Good Rotations is a small independent bicycle shop owned and operated locally since 2013. Our aim is encourage locals and visitors to use bicycles for everyday journeys and adventures and to grow and expand the cycling culture in and around Wanaka. We specialise in urban, electric, cargo and adventure bicycles and accessories.

We are open from Tuesday to Friday (our hours change with the seasons). Drop in for a chat, try out some bikes or check out the parts and accessories on offer.
We want you to love your bike!
Matt Quirk - Good Rotations


Good Rotations is Matt’s brainchild. His world has involved bicycles ever since that first childhood BMX (from then on two wheels equalled freedom!). Saying that he is bicycle obsessed is putting it mildly. After serving time as a bicycle messenger for several years he did most of his local and overseas trips on the seat of a bicycle. He will not use a car, if the trip can be done on a bike!

At Good Rotations, he carefully picks the brands and items to include in the shop’s range. He will listen to you and advise you on your best options, and can build or fine-tune your trusted steed to fit your body and your needs.

Having sold electric-bikes since they first made a serious appearance in New Zealand (2013) and constantly keeping abreast of technology developments, he is a well of knowledge when it comes to volts and watts!

Matt loves to adventure on two-wheels and if he’s not riding a brevet (self-supported long distance off road events), he’ll be riding one of the more far-flung valleys and cols of the South Island, or travel further afield for some bigger challenge: 2017 will see him bikepacking the high passes and trails of the Peruvian Andes. His knowledge of bikepacking is steeped in ongoing experience and there’s no better person to advise you on the right bikepacking bike, bags or lighting system.

As a designer (one of his other hats), he’s also the crafter of the Good Rotation brand, the outfitter of our lovely shop and the creator of our website.

Babu Blatt - Good Rotations


Babu is the backbone of Good Rotations. She takes care of all the things you won’t see, making sure we keep offering a top range of products and providing a top-notch experience to all of our customers.
You will occasionally see her in the shop, as she also loves to explain the basics of electric bikes to those of you considering them for the first time, and there’s nothing she enjoys more than seeing that wonderful smile everyone wears after their first e-bike ride, or hearing back from thrilled customers.

Babu’s been commuting on her bike since she was 6. Growing up in Europe in a high density area – both rural and urban – using a bicycle just made sense; a way to get around quickly and efficiently while having fun and saving money. Simple as that. And she hasn’t stopped since.

Babu is by no means a sports-freak, and she’s happy to showcase how e-cycling everywhere is accessible to anyone, anywhere! You might have spotted her aboard an electric cargo bike running errands in town.

She is also the organiser behind our occasional social rides, informational evenings, bicycle-art exhibitions and parties at the Good Corner. The best place to stay informed about what’s going on at Good Rotations is our Facebook page.

Babu also spends a fair amount of her time volunteering for local community groups, including Bike’vember, a cycling advocacy campaign for Wanaka.

In her time off, you might find her riding up a remote valley on a fatbike, tramping a little-travelled route, occasionally dancing tango in town or growing organic food.

Come visit

We’re located in the lakeside mountain town of Wanaka, New Zealand.

Wanaka is a magnificent spot for cyclists of all kinds, and the dry climate makes going by bicycle an easy decision. Our shop is at 34 Anderson Road – drop in and check out our selection of hand-picked bikes, parts and accessories. Brands we stock include Moustache, Riese &  Müller, Kalkhoff, Focus, Scott, Avanti and Smartmotion electric bikes, Surly, Soma, Bombtrack and Salsa adventure bikes, and classic Linus urban bikes. Good Rotations can also convert your bike to electric for some extra va-va-voom!

We are also big on cargo-bikes: box bikes such as the Bullitt from Larry vs Harry and Christiania, or longtails from Surly, Yuba or Felt.

We provide top notch bike luggage from OrtliebRevelate, Salsa and Apidura and prime seating courtesy of Brooks, England, to kit out your bike for adventure or just practicality. We can also create a custom build just for you.

Why we do it

Imagine a place where people used bicycles not just for sport, but also for all their local journeys: for getting from A to B, transporting the family, getting in the shopping, moving loads and doing business. We want to help to make this a reality in the place we live, and the place that you live, while spreading the benefits of using bicycles for transport: health, economic, environmental, social and just having fun.