'Cedric' Rust Racer

Cedric started life as a Swiss Olympic cherry red racer.

Thanks to his sharp geometry he’s still very sprightly despite the more upright and gentlemanly manner. We took our inspiration from the beat up looks of rat rod bikes and added a classic twist. The rusted surface was a matter of trial and error using hydrochloric acid, salt, pepper and rain! It’s gaining a nicely etched surface now – we’ll put a stop to that with some sealant before it goes too far though.

A good polish up (thanks Scott!) was bestowed on the wheels, stem, seatpost and vintage Jim Blackburn rack, and the look was finished off with a Brooks Flyer and Brooks Slender grips, retro levers and cables, MKS touring pedals and a sweet ringing Japanese brass bell.

DSC03029 DSC03030 DSC03031 DSC03032 DSC03036 DSC03038 DSC03039 DSC03040 DSC03044 DSC03045 DSC03047 DSC03048