Rawhopper Custom

A bit of a process, this custom café racer. We started with on old donated steel Rockhopper frame with a suspect paintjob…

The customer did the hard graft with the hazchems to bring it back to steel, which was then lovingly polished by Scott from Urban Fix, and subsequently subjected to trial by fire and burning oil (no, really!). What resulted is this one of a kind finish, that shimmers in sunlight like oil on water, and just looks plain gorgeous. In a mean kind of way.

The build

The build up is a mix of sweet CNC’d goodness from Paul Components (brakes), retro modern shiny bits courtesy of Velo Orange, leather seating and grippage from Brooks England, all rolling on hand polished Velocity Atlas 36 hole rims with DT Swiss spokes, shod with fat as you like Schwalbe Crazy Bob rubber. Shifting duties are taken care of with by 8 speed Shimano Alfine gear hub with a Surly Singleator to keep it all tight as a tiger. The gear hub meant we could keep a nice straight chain line, which makes for near silent running and feeling of floating on air. A few other parts (cranks and vintage Suntour front hub) were scavenged from where they were scavenged and given a jolly good refurb to get them up to scratch with the rest of the build. It’s good for the mojo to throw a few old parts in the mix alongside the new! Scott also polished up a pair of nondescript black bars up to a mirror finish for the final touch.

We think the result is quite a looker. It’s got the attitude of a cafe racer, but it’s old school MTB heritage will mean it should behave nicely on the odd trail too. Thanks Kim, for having us do this one – happy riding!

Any ideas?

p.s. It/she/he still needs a name…
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