Surly Big Dummy Electric Sunshine

The Surly Big Dummy is our go-to long tail cargo bike solution, we do a fair few of them here at Good Rotations. It’s a great take on the long-tail format – the bike is light enough to ride without electric assist but still feel like you’re riding a bicycle, not a wheelbarrow.

This one was spruced up a little with an Xtracycle Kickback centre stand (about the most useful upgrade you can make to your ‘Dummy), then we added a Lekkie motor kit with the large capacity battery. The Big Dummy is a great match with the mid-drive Bafang motor and it turns the bike into a veritable hauler of stuff. Fenders are another obvious upgrade for a bike that will be used daily.

The most obvious addition here though is the non-stock colour. The battleship grey made way for this jovial Sunshine Yellow Dulux powdercoat. Surly, being the thinking bike customisers brand, make replacement headbadges and decals, so the post-paint version looks just as good as the original.

DSC01168DSC01170Surly Big Dummy Electric SunshineDSC01161DSC01164DSC01165