We built this custom Surly ECR electric conversion for a customer who wanted a bomb proof camping bike for taking to the hills in Central Otago for overnight trips.

Anyone who has ridden in central will know that the network of dirt roads is seemingly endless, and often the angle of the bulldozed farm tracks is on the steep side of what can comfortably be pedalled with a load.

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Surly ECR – no nonsense backroads tourer


Surly Nice Rack takes the load


Cane Creek Thudbuster post smooths out the ride


Cockpit: Jones Loop H-Bar and ESI silicone grips, under-bar throttle and microshift gear lever.


Serious rubber: high rolling 29+ Surly Knards running on Rabbit Hole rims


Stealthy 300 Watt motor that packs a punch.


Lekkie Bling Ring keeps the chain in check and gives a better gear ratio for the hills