Behold, the Surly Ogre electric, AKA ‘The Commutator’!

We had a lot of fun putting this one together. The brief: a bomb-proof commuter, with electric assist, and capable enough to take to the rough stuff for pannier laden overnighters.

The Surly Ogre is venerable ox that can be run pretty much any way you choose – single speed it, load it up for your world tour, or in our case transform it into a mutant commuter (‘Commutator’, geddit?).

Starting with a frameset, we custom specced the whole bike, adding a mid-drive motor kit with a Lekkie Bling Ring to sweeten the chainlkine, silky smooth Nuvinci continuous transmission, Surly rack,, Salsa Bend 2 bars, and a Cane Creek Thudbuster to iron out the creases. We couldn’t help ourselves and finished it off with a sprinkling of blue colour coding.

surly-ogre-electric-blue 016 surly-ogre-electric-blue 018 surly-ogre-electric-blue 022 surly-ogre-electric-blue 020 surly-ogre-electric-blue 015 surly-ogre-electric-blue 013 surly-ogre-electric-blue 011
surly-ogre-electric-blue 008 surly-ogre-electric-blue 006 surly-ogre-electric-blue 012

Adjustable stem for upright riding in town

Adjustable stem for upright riding in town

surly-ogre-electric-blue 010surly-ogre-electric-blue 008 surly-ogre-electric-blue 007 surly-ogre-electric-blue 006