Surly Krampus Review in NZMB Magazine

Surly Krampus review

If you go and grab the latest Apr/May New Zealand Mountain Biker magazine you’ll find a glowing review of the Surly Krampus.

The Krampus is a 29+ (that’s something Surly came up with when they realised just calling it a 29er doesn’t really tell it like it is), fast rolling air cushioned trail beast. We’ve seen them single speeded, toured on, ridden across snowy trails and even down-hilled (by a madman, granted).

Surly Krampus

“It looks like a rigid 29er on steroids.”

Oh, and did we mention the colour? Oooh, that colour, a thick ooze of glitter flake green, cunningly described as ‘Moonlit Swamp’.

And if you were wondering about the name – MTBR can shed some light “… a quick check of Wikipedia shows that the Krampus is a mythical creature thought to be like an anti-Claus. A hairy goat like creature that would torment naughty children, the Krampus was most feared. Trevor from Surly says the Krampus was known for “Bringing the Darkness”.

“The Krampus is pure fun on any flowing trails and in the wet for the extra confidence it gives, and you can easily ride for hours on end with such a comfortable riding position.” …

The Original Krampus

Well now we just like it even more.

Still here? You might like Surly’s own take on what this thing is all about. They have a way with words.