We are very happy to offer proper, old style workshop services to you. We can work on any kind of bike, we’re not bike snobs and no job is too insignificant. Carbon or klunker, all are welcome here!

How much will it cost me?

Our basic hourly workshop rate is $60/hour for actual time the bike is being worked on – our minimum fee if the bike goes on the stand is $15. The final cost of a repair will depend on whether any parts are required and how much labour is involved. We offer quality branded parts for repair work, and we can work to your budget. We’re also very happy to advise on and build your custom ride, and we’re big on keeping bicycles of a certain vintage rolling along.

When can you look at my bike?

Our resident wrench is in the workshop Thursday and Friday, but you can bring your bike in any time we are open. If it’s a workshop day, our mechanic will give you a cost estimate and advise you of any parts that might need replacing. On other days, we’ll book your bike in and do a quick inspection. Our mechanic will then get in touch to discuss costs. He’ll check you’re happy to go ahead with the work before starting anything, so you don’t get any surprises.

Do you service electric bikes?

We service all the quality e-bike brands that we sell, and we offer free inspection on other brands. Many other e-bikes are non-standard or poorly supported (this is when that ‘bargain’ no-brand e-bike can become less so!), which can make them more time consuming and difficult to repair. We’ll give you an idea of cost before we start any work.

Do you service suspension?

Not just yet! But we plan to offer fork and suspension servicing in the future.

Service Menu

We offer full bike servicing to keep you rolling along!
Note: Service prices do not include parts.


From $55

  • Check wheels
  • Check tyres
  • Check brakes
  • Tune gears
  • Check derailleur hanger
  • Set limit screws
  • Adjust cable tension
  • Check chain wear
  • Tune brakes
  • Check pad condition
  • Set pad position
  • Adjust cables (where possible)
  • Advise of faults
  • Quote for repairs


From $75

Includes Bronze Service plus:

  • Adjust hubs
  • Service bottom bracket
  • Adjust headset
  • Set derailleur mounting
  • Adjust caliper mounting
  • Full frame clean
  • Full bolt check


From $100

Includes Silver Service plus:

  • Service headset
  • Service hubs
  • True wheels
  • Replace cables
  • Replace brake pads


From $180

Includes Gold Service plus:

  • Full disassembly of bike
  • Complete drivetrain degrease or replace
  • Clean all parts & reassemble

* Does not include brake bleed or suspension service

Additional Menu

We’ll let you know the price for these before we do any work so you can control the budget!
Note: Service prices do not include parts.

  • Wheel True $20
  • Replace Broken Spoke $30
  • Wheel Build $60
  • Replace Gear Cables (per cable) $15
  • Replace Brake Cables (per cable) $15
  • Replace Brake Pads (front or rear) $20
  • Bleed Brake (front or rear) $30
  • Replace Tyre/Tube (front or rear) $10
  • Puncture repair (patch kit) $15
  • Service Hub $30
  • Service / Replace Headset $45
  • Service / Replace BB $40
  • Fit New Chain $15
  • Fit New Drivetrain $60
  • Replace Broken Derailleur Hanger $20
  • Replace Derailleur Front / Rear $30
  • Straighten Derailleur Hanger $15
  • Bar Tape or Grips fitting $15
  • Fenders fitting (front and rear) $25
  • Rack or basket fitting $20
  • Computer fitting $20
  • Baby Seat fitting $20
  • Shock Service POA
  • Disassemble and Box Bike $45
  • Assemble New Bike $120