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February 15, 2023

Gravel-riding chatter-obliterating seatpost

What we think

The Redshift Shockstop PRO RT (phew!) is a very nicely finished, high-quality suspension seatpost that will give your gravel rides some extra refinement.

Pros: Washboard flattener; eases fatigue over long distances; simple to fit and use
Cons: Pricey; adds some weight

This is an update to Redshift's original Shockstop post. 

I've been riding with one of these for a short time (long-term review to come later), and now it has made its way to becoming a permanent fixture on my Bombtrack Hook EXT.

My initial impression was, 'well that's an expensive way to simulate a slow leak in my back tyre', but that was soon replaced with a feeling that all was right with the world, or at least with my derrière.

It uses the same clever parallelogram linkage design as the original, but is a lighter and simpler take on the original formula, using elastomers instead of springs. It also does away with the preload adjustment tuning of the original, keeping things simple. Just fit it and forget it.

The post comes in 27.2mm diameter and weighs in at 412.7g for the 350mm length post. That's quite a lot for a seatpost, but I feel the function more than makes up for the extra grams. You can lose weight somewhere else on the bike, but it's harder to add this level of comfort in any other way.

20mm of travel doesn't sound like a lot, but in operation, this equates to a very effective flattening of the small bumps that throw off your cadence and jostle you out of the saddle. You can simply pedal through the chatter. Bigger hits aren't fully dealt to with that amount of travel, but they definitely have the sting taken out of them. Anyway, you're riding a gravel bike remember, not a DH rig...

When run on a fully rigid bike, it feels like you have a much bigger volume tyre at a lower pressure, soaking up the bumps. Paired with a gravel suspension fork such as the marvellous Fox Taper Cast 32, it feels balanced and lets you charge through nasty terrain with confidence, keeping more speed than on a rigid setup.


Does what it says on the tin: nullifies trail buzz, takes the edge of big hits, and keeps you more comfortable, especially over long tiring rides.

The rear guard is a neat touch keeping muck out of the linkage and your seatpack out of the workings. It's simple, well made and lighter than its previous incarnation.


Diameter 27.2 mm (shims available for larger seat tube sizes)
Length 280 mm
350 mm 
Suspension Travel 20 mm 
Rear Offset 7 mm 
Weight 280 mm – 380 g
350 mm – 415 g
Rider Weight Limit 110 kg
Material 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy
Saddle Rail Compatibility 7mm round & 7x9mm oval
Di2 Compatibility Yes - standard battery holders will fit

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