Supernova E3 E-Bike Headlight V521S


We’re particularly proud of the new V521s. Based on the popular V6s housing, we’ve equipped the V521s with all new electronics that can handle up to 21 V.

It also comes with our new “soft start” feature that not only makes this powerful light compatible with systems that are sensitive to a high startup power, but significantly improves the LED’s lifespan and brightness stability.

  • Compatible with Bosch Performance and Active line drives, Shimano STEPS E6000/E8000
  • Compatibility chart
  • BRIGHTNESS: 205 lumen
  • STAND LIGHT: 5 minutes
  • WARRANTY: 2 Jahre
  • L X W X H: 49 x 41 x 41 mm
  • LENS TYPE: Terraflux 2


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