Kokopelli D-Ring


The D-Ring – Nylon Loop (Set of 2) is perfect for adding more tie-downs and attachment points to your packraft. Each set includes two D-Ring – Nylon Loop and one 30g tube of TPU or PVC glue.


As per D-Ring but with a Ladder-lock type buckle for tightening a 19mm webbing strap.


The D-Ring – Buckle (Set of 2) is perfect for adding quick release attachment points to your packraft. Each set includes the female buckles, which are fixed to the nylon loop of the D-ring, and the corresponding male buckle for use with any 0.75in (19mm) webbing.


  1. Start by inflating the packraft to find the spot you want to glue the d-rings.
  2. Clean off both the packraft and d-rings with rubbing alcohol and allow to dry.
  3. Tape or mark the area you want to glue using masking tape (just like painting a wall) or a Sharpie.
  4. Once the location has been marked, deflate the packraft.
  5. Apply 3 very thin layers of glue both the d-rings and the surface of the packraft (6 total layers), alternating between the packraft and d-rings, allowing the glue to become tacky before each application.
  6. Place the d-ring and be sure to eliminate any air-bubbles by using a credit card or something else to smooth out the new d-ring.

NOTE: Using masking tape to hold the d-rings in place is a good way to see how it would look. If you made a mistake and need to adjust the d-ring, a hair-dryer can be used to reheat the glue during the first 15 minutes after glue application. The hair-dryer should be set on hot while holding it about 6 inches (15cm) from the packraft. It takes less than 30 seconds to reheat the glue.