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Fred Bar

Get your aero's higher and in the right place!

Ready to ride far but can't get comfortable on your mountain bars? Want to maintain control over your bike with wider bars in technical sections but still be able to have an alternate position for longer gravel and tarmac stretches and not change the geometry of your bike's cockpit?

Attached to your steerer, the Fred Bar allows you to mount aero-style bars to your mountain bike bars without compromising the current height of your existing handlebars. Attach to your steerer, mount your aero bars and you now have an additional position to. By raising your riding position and relieving the tension on your back, riders are able to go further with less lower back strain. Save your back for sleeping on the ground!

Featuring a durable smooth black satin anodized finish, beautiful welds, T6 heat treatment post welding and a construction we're truly proud of.

Made of 6061 aluminium in the United States.

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