FAQ - How far will my electric bike go?

Some of our EBikes have a claimed range of up to nearly 200km.

How far you can go on one charge depends on several factors, including battery size, motor size, how hard you pedal and what power level you select from your motor system. The terrain you ride (is your ride hilly or rather flat?), the pressure and efficiency of your tyres, headwinds and your weight and that of your bike will also affect your EBike's range.

As you can see it's not so simple as just looking at your battery size!

Bosch have a great online range calculator that will give you more insight into how these factors work together.

Most of our EBikes are 'pedelecs' (pedal-electric-cycle) meaning that the motor only assists when you are pedalling. This type of motor system is the most efficient as it relies on you to add input, and therefore extends the distance you can travel on one charge; push more on the pedals and less power is required from the battery, and the further you will go.

Most European EBikes will assist to 25km/h but not over this speed. This helps to increase your range and allow for a compact and fairly light weight battery. Bikes that assist to faster speeds than this will have a much reduced range. For example, you are likely to go twice as far at 25km/h than at 35km/h, for the same battery capacity.

If you plan to do longer rides (commuting or cycle trails, for example), then it is worth while choosing a larger battery option.




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