FAQ - How fast will my E-Bike go?

New Zealand law limits an E-Bike motor size to 300 watts. This is a bike that is still classed as a bicycle and can be ridden on the road, and most cycle-trails.

Most European E-Bikes are base on European legislation that limits motor size to 250 watt and top assisted speed to 25km/h. Most Bosch, Shimano and Brose powered bikes will conform to these limits. These are 'pedelec' bikes designed to assist the rider's efforts.

Some European bikes are available in 'S' versions (the 'S' denoting 'schnell' or 'speed'). These bikes are typically commuter style bikes that will reach assisted speeds of up to 45km/h. We stock some of these bikes for riders looking for some more speed for their daily journey.

Some NZ spec E-Bikes will have a 300 watt motor (and sometimes a throttle) which will power you along at slightly higher speeds - typically 32-35km/h. Some retro-fit motor kits will go faster than this again, while still be of road legal motor size.

Faster E-Bikes certainly exist, but they are not legal as bicycles on public roads and must be registered. These bikes are more akin to light and powerful motorbikes, and not really bicycles at all.

We believe that a big part of the joy of riding a bike is the conversion of personal effort into forward motion - assisted or not, and so 'pedelecs' fit our ideal of personal transport. 


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