FAQ - Will I need to replace my battery?

Probably not - with a good quality battery system you should enjoy many years of use - as long as the rest of your bike.

Modern battery technology is designed to be charged and used hundreds of times without loss of efficiency. High quality battery systems from reputable manufacturers will have a guaranteed minimum number of full charge cycles before any impact on their capacity. Bosch, for example, warranties their batteries for at least 500 full charge cycles, and designs their batteries for much more than that - an 8-9 year lifespan and 1000 full charge/discharge cycles. And a full charge cycle does not mean every time your battery is plugged in to charge - for instance it would take four top-up charges of 25% to reach one full charge cycle.

What is crucial to the long life of your battery is how you look after it over those years.

Eventually, any battery will begin to lose efficiency and hold it's charge for less time. This is a gradual process, and while your battery will still work, you'll be able to travel less distance on a single charge.


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