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We aim to turn your bike around in 4 days from drop-off.
Service covers adjustments and labour, but does not include parts.


Standard Service

$69-$99 (Std/Ebike)

We recommend a Standard Service be performed a minimum of once a year, and twice per year for more frequent riders, to keep your ride in tip-top shape and reduce the costs of maintenance in the long-run.

  • WOF Check
  • Gear tune
  • Brake tune
  • Basic wheel true
  • Drivechain lube
  • Wheel bearing tune
  • Bolt check
  • Advise of faults, quote for repairs

Full Service

$179-$199 (Std/Ebike)

Our Full Service is meant to be performed once per year for daily commuters or serious recreational riders.

A Full Service includes all the Standard Service features, PLUS:

  • Full drive chain clean
  • True wheels
  • Lubricate cables
  • Regrease headset
  • Regrease bottom bracket
  • Regrease hubs
  • Perform any e-bike software updates

New bike check & tune-up


All new bikes, ebikes and electric retrofits purchased at Good Rotations include a first free check & tune-up.

A tune-up is recommended at least once within your first 3 months, between 200-400 kms.

Ebike software update (FREE)

All ebikes purchased from us include free software updates and/or error check using our diagnostic software.

This service is only applicable to Bosch and Shimano equipped ebikes that have been purchased at Good Rotations.

Other services

  • Quick Wheel True $30
  • Wheel build $79
  • Brake Bleed (front or rear) $40
  • Replace tyre/tube (front or rear) $10
  • Fit new chain $20
  • Replace derailleur hanger $20


  • Straighten derailleur hanger (steel frames) $15
  • Fit bar-tape or grips $15
  • Fit rack or basket $20
  • Fit cycle computer $20
  • Bike unboxing/assembly $60

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