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Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack

With the Apidura Expedition Saddle Pack, you no longer need a rear rack because it is waterproof and lightweight. This saddlebag is the perfect ride equipment if you want to carry clothes and equipment for your longest rides.

The saddlebag is made of a lightweight laminate created for Apidura that is extremely resistant to abrasions and rips—waterproofing the seams guarantees that the contents remain dry even if it rains heavily for an extended period.

Hypalon-reinforced velcro straps secure the saddlebag to the post, enhancing stability and reducing lateral movement, making it more comfortable to ride. The bag's body has additional Hypalon to preserve the frames in good shape.

The Expedition Saddle Pack comes in three different sizes so that you can choose the right one for your journey. With the roll-down compression and closure mechanism, you can accurately adjust the size of the bag to meet a variety of packing requirements.

  • Lightweight waterproof laminate, developed specifically for Apidura
  • Hands-free air release valve for easy packing and compression
  • Sturdy and secure three-point attachment system
  • Roll-top closure for adjustable capacity
  • Carbon-friendly attachment with Hypalon-reinforced velcro straps
  • Reflective graphics and light attachment point for increased visibility
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