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Inspired by the sleek and deadly lines of a Copperhead snake, the sweeping centre channels of the Copperhead stem wrap around the entire stem to minimize material while delivering the strongest steerer mount stem on the market. Deity is renowned for our focus on durability and the confidence we instil in our riders and customers. Our dedication to the symmetry between strength and weight is showcased in the perfect balance of style and function found in the Copperhead stem. Available in 35mm and 5omm lengths to get your cockpit perfectly set up. MATERIAL CNC MACHINED 6O61 T6 AL LENGTHS 35mm / 5Omm CLAMP AREA WIDTH 55mm STACK HEIGHT 3Omm WEIGHT 135g / 161g BORE / CLAMP DIAM. 35mm

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Good Rotations is an independent online bikepacking and adventure cycling store. Our aim is encourage the use of bicycles for everyday journeys and bigger adventures!

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