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Kokopelli Delta Whitewater Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown)

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The Delta Whitewater Paddle (4-Piece Breakdown) is perfect for any whitewater situation and is designed around the needs of challenging river running. The Whitewater Paddle is perfect for any Class 2+ backcountry paddling or adventure travel and our Whitewater Series of Packrafts.

Our Carbon Polymer blade and Carbon Fiber shaft are engineered to strike the optimal balance between weight, durability, and efficient paddling strokes. The forgiving medium power blade outline combines with an advanced high performance dihedral for control, precision, and extremely efficient strokes with less effort and drag through the water.

It has a low swing weight and you get all the power you could possibly need from the large surface design. The center ferrule (joint) and shaft to paddle ferrule is a traditional stainless steel button system for an easy secure fit.


  • WEIGHT 0.94 kg
    Right 30 (R30)
    Left 30 (L30)
    Zero (0)
  • BLADE AREA 19.5 x 46.0cm
  • BLADE MATERIAL Carbon Polymer
  • SHAFT MATERIAL Carbon Fiber
  • RECOMMENDED PADDLING Whitewater, Class 2+
  • WARRANTY 3 year

Kokopelli Ordering & Delivery

We try to keep stock of Kokopelli rafts in store. If your chosen raft is not showing in stock we will order in for you. In this case, please allow up to 3 weeks for your raft to arrive.


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