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Enve Foundation AG25 Wheelset

When embarking on a journey into the unknown, it is essential to be well-prepared. The AG25 and AG28 wheel types integrate a slew of performance-enhancing innovations gleaned from our work on the company's flagship G Series and M Series wheels.

They were built to resist the unexpected and support when times got tough. To better understand how rim structure affects rider comfort and compliance when riding alone on rugged terrain, we tested various rim designs. More than 12 different laminates were used to balance the rim's weight, responsiveness, and compliance.

The cross-section and lamination of the rim are tuned for rapid power transfer and cornering stability, while the shallow rim depth increases vertical compliance and vibration absorption. Our laminate design team has improved the AG25 & AG28 to provide a ride quality that is responsive and compliant, supportive but forgiving, utilising onboard data-collecting technology and subjective test ride feedback.

This wheel has been engineered for dependability, thanks to ENVE's exclusive Molded Spoke Hole technology and its external nipple configuration.

Rock and rim collisions are something we've all encountered at some point in our lives when we've let the need to shred a trail overtake our common sense. As long as you're not overinflating your tyres, that hit will likely result in a flat tyre. Compared to standard hookless bead rims, our patent-pending Wide Hookless Bead technology, found in the AG25 and AG28, has shrugged off pinch flats by 60%. With confidence, run the tyre pressure you desire.

  • DIAMETER: 700c RIM
  • DEPTH: 21MM
  • HOLE COUNT: 24h/24h
  • HUB: ENVE Foundation Alloy
  • SPOKES: Spaim CX
  • Sprint NIPPLES: Brass Internal
  • TIRE WIDTH: 36mm - 50mm
  • WEIGHT: 1480g
  • The AG25 wheelset is disc brake only.
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