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Preparation is key to a successful adventure into uncharted territories. Our experiences developing and riding the flagship G Series and M Series have created a quiver a performance-enhancing features that have been incorporated into the AG28. The AG28 is designed to be your uncompromising companion when you unwittingly bite off more than you can chew. • Application: Gravel, Bikepacking • Internal Rim Width: 28mm • Tire Compatibility: 45mm or Larger • Wheelset Weight: 1480g • Crafted Carbon Laminate Tuned for Compliance • Molded External Spoke Holes • Wide Hookless Bead Anti Pinch Flat Technology • Best In Class Impact Resistance • Tubeless Optimized FEATURES & BENEFITS RIDE TUNED By using on board data acquisition equipment and aligning it with subjective test ride feedback, our laminate design team have refined the AG25 & AG28 to deliver a ride quality that is both responsive and compliant, supportive yet forgiving. • Shallow rim depth of 21mm allows improves vertical compliance and vibration damping • Rim cross-section and laminate optimized for responsive power transmission and cornering stability EXTERNAL MOLDED NIPPLES By employing ENVE’s patented molded spoke hole technology and configuring it for external nipples, you can rest assured that you’re riding a wheel that’s been built for reliability and serviceability when you need it most.

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