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ESCAPE - 27.5

Escape Versatile off-road performance in all conditions. Description A capable trail tire available in a wide range of sizes for any region, the Escape offers versatile off-road performance in all conditions. Widely-spaced and carefully siped square knobs generate edge-to-edge grip, sophisticated rubber compounds ensure traction across a broad range of terrain, and durable casings offer security wherever the trail may lead. Acronyms Explained EN = 1.5 Ply Construction Premium = Balanced Weight and Durable Casing Fabric Ultimate = Lightweight Casing Fabric TC = Tubeless Complete Dynamic:R/T = Rugged-Terrain compound specifically formulated to balance grip, wear and efficiency.

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Good Rotations is an independent online bikepacking and adventure cycling store. Our aim is encourage the use of bicycles for everyday journeys and bigger adventures!

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