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Full Service

    Our Full Service is $169 for a standard bicycle, $199 for an electric bicycle.

      The Full Service is meant to be performed once per year for daily commuters or serious recreational riders. Beyond a Standard Service, the most important difference is a full cleaning and lubrication of the main components on your bicycle to ensure that they keep on functioning at their best. We also perform a full wheel true to keep you running straight! Installation of most new parts is included. Cables & housing installation is 50% off. Book in your Complete Service to get your bike back same day within 4 hours (barring any unforeseen issues).

        A Full Service includes all the Standard Service features, PLUS:

        • Full drive chain clean
        • True wheels
        • Lubricate cables
        • Regrease headset
        • Regrease bottom bracket
        • Regrease hubs
        • Perform any e-bike software updates
        • Advise of faults, quote for repairs
        • One Full Service per year is included with a Comprehensive Service Membership.
        • Full Services cover adjustments and labour but do not include parts.
        About Us

        Good Rotations is an independent online bikepacking and adventure cycling store. Our aim is encourage the use of bicycles for everyday journeys and bigger adventures!

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