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Giro Wool Knit Merino Glove

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The Knit Merino Wool features a traditional New Zealand Merino blend knit for style, with Touch Screen Technology™that makes it easy to stay connected when you’re on the go. Rubber gripper dots cover the palm and fingers to enhance grip in damp weather and also enhance durability.

TEMPERATURE RATING: 40° to 55° F / 4° to 13° C


70% Merino Wool,20% Polyester,10% Lycra
Interior Liner
Knit New Zealand Merino wool
Outer Shell
Premium New Zealand Merino wool
Rubber detailing on the palm for enhanced grip
Touch Screen Technology™


Capacitive touchscreens found on most mobile devices like the iPhone react to natural bio-electricity in your skin. By combining a conductive fiber into the fingertips of select Giro gloves, you can stay connected to your mobile device without removing your gloves.

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