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ºhf Swifty Waist Belt

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The ultimate throwline belt with loops for additional equipment

The Swifty carries the throwbag and the fabric loops are in exactly the right place to clip equipment such as carabiners and pulleys etc. to the belt.
The throwbag can be released on either side, the belt stays in place. In an emergency the Swifty can be opened with the 50mm quick release cam buckle.
The Swifty can be used in conjunction with all °hf throwbags with system straps (Compact-Alpin, Compact-Syntec, Weasel).

Why carry the throwbag on a belt? We’ve put a few reasons together for you:
  • Always available, also whilst scouting, after the loss of a boat or after capsizing and swimming
  • Hands are free for climbing or helping others
  • Extended rescue options (i.e. if the swimmer is stuck behind a waterfall)
  • On a raft: faster deployment
  • Rescue teams: throwbag is always available, hands are free
  • Less weight on the shoulder whilst carrying the boat
  • When the throwbag is carried on the front underneath the spray deck it stays dry longer and is less heavy

Webbing width: 50mm
Weight: 160 g
Max. abdominal girth: 112 cm

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