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Sold as an all in one package, the JR Pro Kit includes a Slater handlebar with smaller 19mm diameter bar ends to fit the smaller 25-26mm diameter lock on grips that are included, Slater pedals with replaceable pins, and a Fly Jr. Saddle to cap things off. SLATER HANDLEBAR - Handlebar optimized for 18”-26” Bikes - 19mm diameter bar ends exclusively fits smaller grips for optimal ergonomics - 650mm bar width offers ample width for increased bar control - 6061 Sand Blasted Aluminum - 31.8mm Clamp - 15mm Rise - 260g SLATER JR GRIPS - 1 Piece, Integrated Lock-On Grip - Dual Density Design - Smaller 25-26mm outer diameter with 19mm inner diameter - 115mm Length - Tapered and Slotted Core to eliminate slippage - Plush SDG Icon pattern for superior grip control and vibration dampening - 55g SHIM KIT - 4x 19mm-21mm Cockpit shims Easily mount all cockpit controls to SLATER Bar - Durable and lightweight Nylon SLATER PEDALS - 90mm x 90mm Platform - Cro-Mo Axle - 6 bottom loading, replaceable steel pins - Gripper profile for enhanced pedal traction - Fully sealed and lightweight DU Bushing design FLY JR SADDLE - Industry first junior specific performance saddle - Anatomically Researched and Designed - Shorter and Narrower than traditional saddle - 270mm x 122mm - Slight Rear Rise Design Nose Platform - Fully Padded with Cordura Sides - 270g

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Good Rotations is an independent online bikepacking and adventure cycling store. Our aim is encourage the use of bicycles for everyday journeys and bigger adventures!

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