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The Hero is a fast acting, grease defeating remedy for dirty drive trains. Lash it on to your chain, chain ring, cassette and jockey wheels and they’ll be back to sparking in no time. It’s ideal for getting your chain clean and ready for fresh chain lube and is a great grab-and-go for workshop duties where dirty bits need to be made undirty. Fast and easy to use Breaks down and rapidly removes dirt, oil, grease, grime and any contaminants Water soluble formula for easy rinsing Breaks down tough waterproof grease and wax-based lubricants Can be used on all types of chains, chainrings, derailleurs, components and bearings that require cleaning before re packing with fresh grease Evaporates quickly to leave a dry finish Removes stubborn marks left by old decals and road tar Safe for use on metal, plastic, rubber, carbon, anodised and painted metalwork Regular use when cleaning will help to prevent drivetrain deterioration. This helps to ensure higher performance for longer

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