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Knog Blinder Twinpack

A powerful 200 lumens on the front and 100 lumens on the back are produced by Blinder lights using revolutionary COB technology, ensuring that you are visible and safe in any lighting circumstances.

Installable USB Plug

You don't need a charging cord for your Blinder, as its USB connects straight to any USB port. Plus, the charging time of the Knog Blinder Twinpack is only 4 hours. One of the red LEDs adjacent to the button will indicate that your Blinder's battery is low, and this ring will become green whenever the Blinder is ultimately charged and ready to travel and then switched off.

Easy-to-install Mount

A tool-free silicone strap for bars and seat posts 22–32mm in diameter is included with the Blinder lights. Large straps are available to accommodate tubes and head tube profiles with a diameter of up to 200 mm. There is no risk of harming your bike's frame or paint job thanks to Knog's tool-free mounting mechanism, which uses silicone straps instead of screws.

Easy to Turn Off and Turn On

Removing your Blinder for charging or security needs is a cinch with our convenient clasp release method. It's also large enough to be used with gloves on in subzero weather.

Bright Lights

Having a light output of 200 lumens, the Blinder is a visible alternative for any biker. Chip-on-Board (COB) LEDs deliver maximum brightness for up to 90% of the battery life—an excellent choice for cyclists. The battery is drained for up to 90% of the time, and COB LEDs give the maximum brightness level.

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