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When we decided to release limited edition valve and decal colors, we knew our first color would be purple. Anyone who was around during the early years of mountain bikes will remember the unique role purple played in the evolution of the sport. There was a time when it seemed every single part on your bike could be replaced with something even better that was CNC machined by a tiny company in somebody’s garage, and the badge of honor for these small hop-up parts was usually their wild colors. More than any other color, purple ano on your bike told the world that, for you, mountain bikes were a lifestyle. That purple anodized look is back with our limited edition valve stems. Only 8g or 9g per valve respectively for the 35mm and 44mm models (half the weight of most brass valves), our aluminum valves have a secure round base that’s compatible with most tubeless rims and a perfect fit for all Stan’s BST and BST-R rims. Our aluminum valves include removable valve cores for easy sealant fills, and an easy to grip lock nut. Fits up to 8mm valve hole. Sold as a pair.

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