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Revelate Sweet Roll

The Revelate Sweetroll is a double ended opening drybag with that mounts to your handlebars. use it as it is or add a front pocket for more capacity. The bag comes with extra straps so you can carry tent poles or thin roll mat for example.

  • Radio Frequency welded waterproof seams.
  • Adjustable handlebar offset using stackable spacers prevents cable and lever interference and bag abrasion.
  • Manta Flap - Shove stuff between the flap and the main bag. Features 2 rows of daisy chain webbing for custom configurations. Swap it out for a pocket for added capacity.
  • Fiberglass cross stiffener adds rigidity to the mount area and provides structure when packing and unpacking.
  • Foam spacer block at head tube prevent abrasion and bag wear against bike frame.

Go small and medium for singletrack, large is better for dirt roads or winter trips.

The rule of thumb is to downsize your load on handlebars as much as possible for the best handling. Bigger is not better; choose the smallest bag you can get away with. Medium is the most versatile size.

Small - 10L volume, 14cm (5.5") diameter x 57.5cm max width.
Medium - 14L volume, 17.5cm (7") diameter x 55cm max width.
Large - 18L volume, 20cm (8") diameter x 55cm max width.

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