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Salsa EXP Anything Cradle

An update of the legendary handlebar carrying option from Salsa.

Since it's first version, we've been major fans of this bombproof and rock-solid handlebar carry system. It's super-versatile: strap on a regular dry bag, a tent and mattress, or even a packraft and paddle.

A major plus is how easy it is to fit and remove, while keeping your brake and gear cables in good order with no kinks or pressure, unlike many other standard bags and strap systems, where each fitting requires some cunning trickery to get everything arranged neatly.

We've used Anything Cradles on many, many adventures and they have performed perfectly every time. Not too many pieces of kit you can say that about. Yes, we quite like them ;-)

The Anything Cradle allows you to distribute your gear evenly, which is essential to any well-balanced bikepacking setup.

    • Includes two 30" Salsa EXP Series Rubber Straps, made of non-slip TPU to hold gear securely
    • Compatible with 35.0 mm handlebars or 31.8 mm handlebars (with included shim)
    • Nylon 6/6 composite cradle, 6061 forged aluminum arms
    • Maximum load weight: 3.6 kg
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