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Salsa EXP Anything Cradle with 15l Dry Bag, Pouch and Straps

Rock solid handlebar carrying option from Salsa.

The aluminium clamp locks like a limpet to your bars, and makes for very easy cable routing through the clamp cutouts. The drybag is a tough double ended fold and clip affair, while the handy seam sealed front pocket makes a great stash point for valuables, snacks and devices.


EXP Series Anything Cradle

The Anything Cradle, much like our Anything Cage HD, is built to create carrying capacity where once there was none. The Anything Cradle mounts horizontally in front of your handlebars with super tough 6066 aluminum mounting hardware, and hinges for supremely easy installation and removal. The same amount of thoughtful flexibility in our Anything Cage HD can be found throughout as well with multiple loop options for our Anything Straps. The placement of the Anything Cradle holds your gear about two inches away from bars. This gives ample room for cables without fear of kinking them, but not so far away that handling feels like you’re grabbing the pointy end of a fencing sword. Loaded up, everything feels well distributed and cockpit components can still be adjusted just how you like them.

  • Materials - Nylon 6/6 composite cradle, 6061 forged aluminum arms
  • Construction Methods- Injection-molded cradle and forged arms


  • Modular system, use our EXP Series Dry Bags for the perfect carrying system or your own dry bag with a ladder strap system
  • Works with or without front pouch
  • “Ladder Lock” 3-slot strap weave design that eliminates straps from slipping
  • Extremely versatile
  • Weight- 420g with hardware, Max. Load Weight – 8 lbs (3.7 kgs)

EXP Series Dry Bag

The EXP Series Dry Bag is tailored to fit the Anything Cradle, attached via a pair of our Anything Cradle Straps. Fully welded construction, maximum versatility, and clever hook and loop points for ease of attachment make this supremely useful dry bag a crucial part of your bikepacking set up.

  • Materials- 420D Nylon with TPU lamination and PU coating
  • Construction Methods- Fully welded-in construction
  • Dimensions – Length- 850mm, Diameter-200mm


  • Slots and hook and loop for easy installation,
  • Slots for straps to keep bag from moving sided to side when installed
  • Weather-resistant welded-in design
  • Weight- 220g, Volume- 15L

EXP Series Anything Cradle Front Pouch

The Exp Series Anything Cradle Front Pouch adds easy accessibility to the kinds of gear you rely on throughout the day on a bikepacking adventure. Fully welded-in construction for day in, day out abuse, and a buckle attachment design that fully integrates with our EXP Series Anything Cradle and EXP Series Dry Bag.


500D Nylon with TPU lamination and PU coating, 1000D Polyester with dual sided TPU lamination, Duraflex hardware, #5 YKK zipper, nylon webbing

  • Construction Methods- Fully welded-in construction
  • Dimensions – Length- 250mm, Width- 150mm, Height- 50mm


  • Designed for use with the EXP Series Anything Cradle and EXP Series Dry Bag system
  • Extremely weather-resistant welded-in design
  • Weight- 160g, Volume- 1.7L

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