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SP PD-8X Dynamo Hub

The SP PD-8X is more efficient, technologically advanced and simpler than competing hub dynamos while also being 40 grams lighter in weight than any QR15 hub dynamo available.

Current tests show the PD-8X to have achieved a new record breaking efficiency of 78 percent (i.e. watts of mechanical energy converted directly in watts of electrical energy - minus wasted muscular effort that would otherwise be propelling rider and bicycle forward), ranking it above the SP 8 series hub dynamos which previously ranked highest in the world at 72 percent.

The PD-8X is the 6 bolt disc model. For centrelock discs, see the PL-8X.

Note: Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery.

We also offer full wheel build packages on any SP hub - contact us for details.

  • QR15 compatible

  • Comes complete with adaptors for standard 9mm QRs

  • Weight: 420g

  • Quick release not included


Ordering Dynamo Hubs

Please allow up to 14 days for delivery of your dynamo hub, as these are brough in to order.

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