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Five years of continual development and refinement have led to the Arch CB7's RiACT radial impact absorbing technology. Unlike lesser carbon rims that ride stiff and transfer impacts and vibration to the suspension and rider, the special layup and shape of the Arch CB7 deflects up to 10mm radially to soak up speed-robbing impacts, all while being laterally stiffer than just about every other carbon and alloy rim on the planet. The result is a rim that defies pinch flats and rolls faster over every trail. Please call for drivetrain selection. Available in Shimano HG, Shimano Microspline, SRAM XD & SRAM XDR. Designed for trail riding and enduro racing Low-profile sidewalls promote proper tire shape and reduce rim weight 100% CNC machined hubs with 6-pawl simultaneous engagement RiACT system absorbs impacts and rolls faster Patented Bead Socket Technology rim shape easier tubeless inflation and more reliable seal WideRight rim design optimized for 2.25 - 2.50” tires Available in custom colors Register your wheels for 5-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement

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