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All carbon rims are not created equal. If your carbon rim is too stiff, you’re losing speed and risking tire pinch flats. The Crest CB7 rim with RiACT absorbs radial vibrations and damps impacts. It’s a difference you can feel in the ride of the bike almost instantly. The Crest CB7’s new layup and rim shape allows for 10mm of radial compliance to absorb larger impacts. And when it comes to the lateral stiffness needed for steering precision and control, the new CB7 layup delivers. The Crest CB7 wheelset is ready to shave seconds off your lap times. Designed for cross country racing and riding - Patented low-profile sidewalls and 23mm internal rim width RiACT system absorbs impacts and rolls faster Bead Socket Technology for easier tubeless setup and the best reliability WideRight rim design optimized for 2.00 - 2.25” tires Custom decal kits available to match most bikes Register your wheels for 5-year warranty and lifetime crash replacement

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