Supernova E3 E-Bike V6S


The beautiful V6s is a compact model with a clean look which allows it to become integrated visually with your bike. Revolutionary thermal core technology guides the heat of the LED directly to the cooling fins at the rear.

This keeps the LED at a low temperature and ensures consistent light intensity at the highest level. This light is the perfect complement to your Bosch motored bike, as it integrates directly with the system - switch on and off from your handlebar controls.

  • Daytime running - Many accidents happen because cyclists are being overlooked during daytime. A strong daytime running light can prevent this, so we recommend riding with lights on at all times.
  • Our energy efficient V6s make this very easy. With their integrated daytime running light they improve your visibility at any time of day Integrates with Supernova E3 Tail Light
  • Compatible with Bosch Performance and Active line drives, Shimano STEPS E6000/E8000
  • Compatibility chart
  • BRIGHTNESS & POWER CONSUMPTION 165 measured lumen value, 4.5 W
  • WARRANTY 5 Jahre
  • LX W X H 49 x 41 x 41 mm
  • LENS TYPE Terraflux 2


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