Supernova M99 Pure

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The perfect match for your Bosch or Shimano motored e-bike, with enough output for high speed riding.

The M99 PURE offers a blistering 500-lumen low beam that is much brighter than all previous e-bike lights. 

Daytime light

The signature of the M99 daytime running light solves a special problem of e-bikes: to drivers and other cyclists, the relaxed posture and slow pedaling frequency of the e-bike rider are often interpreted as signs of a slowly moving cyclist, which can create dangerous situations. The two distinct and extremely bright arcs of the daytime running light are visible from afar and make it obvious that a fast vehicle is approaching.

Compatible with Bosch, Shimano and some Yamaha systems.

Technical data:

• Low Beam: 500 lm, 230 lx

• Wattage: 8 W

• Daytime Running Light: 4.5 W, 32 Power LEDs

• Input voltage: 6 V DC

• Approvals: L-class e.g., L1e

• Illuminant: 3 Automotive LEDs

• L x W x H: 67 x 87 x 57.5 mm

• Weight: 220g

• Signature daytime running light, with sensor

• Cable length 1070 mm. Please order the fitting mounting bracket and adapter cable