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Wayward Riders Louise Dropper Post Harness

This is a stable, lightweight dropper post friendly harness from local maker Wayward Riders, Wellington.

The harness supports a 6 — 9L removable dry bag. Carefully shaped plastic keeps your dry bag protected and stable.

It weighs a tiny 160g (5.6oz). When paired with the recommended Ortlieb 7L dry bag the complete system weights 205g. Pack your dry bag off the bike and slide it in loaded.


A gentle but firm grip on your seat post or stanchion
The harness is connected to your seat post with a Voile Nano strap around a rubber ring. This keeps the harness steady and does not harm your stanchion. Think of it like a loving hug.

Use your favourite 6–9L dry bag
The harness is designed to work very well with the Ortlieb PS10 7L dry bag. We recommend this as a lightweight, durable option.

The harness also works well with these drybags: Alpkit Airlok Xtra 8L, Sea to Summit Big River 8L and others. If you're after indestructible dry bags look at the Ortlieb PD490 range. This is great for the shorter legged riders among us and helps avoid the bag buzzing the rear tyre. If you do accidentally buzz the tyre the Louise harness protects your dry bag, and the smooth plastic won’t beat your tyre up either.

Carry about 2kg of gear
We often carry a lightweight sleeping bag, sleeping mat, spare undies, socks and a long sleeve merino top. This weighs about 1.7kg and fits snuggly in an 8L Dry Bag. Keeping your load light will help keep your dropper post going uppy downy too.


About 200mm / 8" needed between seat rails and rear tyre
The harness supports different dry bags, which means you can choose smaller or slimmer dry bags to better fit your bike. As a good guide though, we recommend 200mm between your rear tyre and seat rails. This allows you to use most dry bags in the 6 — 9L range. You'll need about 50mm of exposed seat post to attach the harness.

View the fitting video

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