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Redshift Cruise Control Drop Bar Grips

Forget about numb, tingling hands and sore wrists. These revolutionary drop bar grips give you all-day comfort for epic rides. The ergonomic shaping of both the Top Grip and Drop Grip reduce pressure compared to a traditional round bar.

Tired of numb, painful hands? The Cruise Control Drop Bar Grip System gives you the ultimate in control and comfort on your road or gravel bike. Instead of riding all day holding a round metal tube, you'll have multiple ergonomic positions designed to eliminate the high pressure zones that have you shaking your hands out every mile. Together, the Top Grip and Drop Grip offer a complete ergonomic upgrade that fits almost any drop bar on the market.  So go ahead, take the long way home.

Combine with the Kitchen Sink Handlebar to take things to the next level.

  • Ergonomic pad shaping eliminates hot spots which can lead to hand pain, numbness and tingling
  • Kraton rubber filters road buzz
  • Multiple grip options let you customize your handlebar for the perfect fit
    • Top Grips attach to the bar underneath the tape to provide a larger, ergonomic hand position on the tops of your bars.
    • Drop Grips go over the end of the bar, giving you a comfortable drop position with quick access to the brake levers.
    • Compatible with standard drop bar handlebars
    • Top Grips are installed directly on the bar, before bar tape is applied, so you may need a fresh roll of tape.  

     *Top and Drop Grips sold separately

    Product Top Grips Drop Grips
    Weight 94 g / pair 144 g / pair
    Length 165 mm (can be 
    trimmed by 30 mm)
    120 mm
    Material Kraton  Kraton
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