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Revelate Harness

The Revelate Harness is a rigid mount that allows you to carry dry bags, stuff sacks, and other cylindrically shaped goods on your handlebars. It is designed for use with the Revelate Mount and excellent for carrying both light and large objects.

More about Revelate Harness Bikepacking Bag:

  • Blocks made of moulded rubber give an offset from the handlebars, reducing the likelihood of lever and cable interference.

  • The lateral rigidity of the exterior straps, both top and bottom, is provided by dual crossbars made of fibreglass.

  • Construction is made of dense closed-cell foam with three layers and a gripping substance on the inner face to prevent the load from slipping. (ie. silnylon drybags)

  • A style that is narrower and has more wrap-around than the original works well with most drop bars and can fit higher head tubes.

  • Attachment straps for the front pocket are optional; utilise them if you require them, or take them down a notch.

  • Center strap with a cam-locking mechanism

  • 6.8kg weight limit

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